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We have been doing this "paper business" since 1979, originally on a part-time basis. At one time we did a mailing list, but then the price of copying and postage went up and since each of these items is unique, it stopped being cost effective to do a list. We then started doing a few shows each year and that had been our main focus since the mid '80's. Now we strictly sell on eBay as we have found that it gives us a much wider market.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Paper Ephemera, it is something made of paper (naturally) which was designed to be thrown away and has value today because it survived. Billheads and Letterheads are fairly self-explanatory. They feature illustrations of the business, a creative graphic or some other element that makes it unique. They are found both in color and black and white (or another color and white). These were used for correspondence and billing. Advertising Covers are similar to Billheads and Letterheads and often the two matched. A cover is an envelope, usually in this category, the size of a "bill-payer" envelope as we know it today. A Stampless Cover is a letter sent via the postal system prior to the invention of the postage stamp in the mid 1800's. The earliest ones had all manuscript markings and then later some of the markings were handstamped on. Postage was often paid by the recipient and sometimes was based on miles that the letter had to travel. Many of these have survived with contents as the original format was similar to our air letter sheets today - a folded letter without a separate envelope. Later actual envelopes were used.

Please check Stone's Paper Collectibles for all our available items.  This will take you to our eBay store.


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Really should find a new picture!  This one is from 1994 - a collectible in itself!!

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